LEAKED: Pitch Signals for 2019 MLB Season

OSN has obtained the full list of pitch signals used by every MLB team for the upcoming 2019 season from a confidential source. For those not in the know, pitch signals are the hand gestures catchers use to wordlessly communicate to the pitcher about how their day is going, what pitch they should throw, or anything else on their mind. 2019 is slated to be the first year that every MLB team uses the same signals to promote transparency in the league. Below is the full list of league-wide hand gestures set to go into effect next year.

One index finger by crotch (pictured) = just wing it. you got this.

Middle finger by crotch = You have a great attitude. Throw a fast ball!

Thumb, placed anywhere on batter's face = He [the batter] seems like he's had a rough day. Throw him an easy one.

Hand on mouth = Happy birthday!

A salute = I appreciate our veterans. Curveball!

Covering eyes with mitt = Please don't hit me.
C'mon, buddy. I believe in you. Just get this guy out so we can leave early and beat the crowd.

Blowing kiss to pitcher = Invest in pork commodity.

Ring finger on head = I want pizza for dinner, but am open to your suggestions.

A wink and a smile = I want pizza for dinner, and am not willing to negotiate.

Finger gun = I need to use the bathroom. Distract him [the batter] for 10-15 minutes.

Nate Odenkirk is the sole signatory of the "Get Baseball out of America" petition on change.org.

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