Quentin’s Qorner: The Pogo Stick Race in Django

Quentin’s Qorner is a weekly column written for OSN by award-winning director Quentin Tarantino about his views on his own movies and how they relate to the world of sport. This is part one of three. Click here to read the others in the series.

God, sports! So exciting, man! I can’t hit a basketball with a ten-foot pole, but I love watching the pros bang helmets! My dream has always been to be a sports director. I’d still shout ‘action’ and ‘cut,’ but I’d be holding a tiny baseball instead of a megaphone.

For my first column, I thought I’d share a cool little story about a sports scene that never made the final cut of my 2012 blockbuster Django Unchained. You guys remember Django Unchained, right? It was a great movie, man! I loved every second of it, and my wife also liked it.

That's me!

Anyway, in the original script for Django (which I wrote and directed), the ending was supposed to be a big pogo stick race between Django and Calvin Candie (played by the awesome Leonardo diCaprio). Leo was a real bummer on set. He insisted on having a custom-made pogo stick flown in from Italy, crafted to his exact specifications. We hired ten stuntmen for the scene. Three weeks and forty million dollars later, we finally had a tight 25-minute pogo stick sequence. But then, the studio overruled me and made me replace the scene with a shootout, which really sucked, because I hate violence in any form. In fact, they denied ever authorizing a pogo stick scene in the first place. Man, that would have made the movie stellar. It’s still great, though.

Well, this was really fun, man, but it’s time for me to get back on set! I’ll see you guys next week on Quentin’s Qorner, which is my column!

Quentin Tarantino is looking for a movie studio to finance his next film, Pulp Football. --Nathan Mostow, Nate Odenkirk

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