Timeline: Celebrating 200 Years of NASCAR

Sports fans rejoice! NASCAR celebrates its 200th anniversary today. NASCAR, for those who may not be clued in, is a sports organization devoted to answering the question "whose car is most fastest?" Below is an abridged history of the storied institution. 

The NASCAR logo since 1845.

1818- NASCAR begins as a donkey racing conglomerate.

1820- NASCAR adopts its current slogan, "the gentleman's sport."

1861- Abraham Lincoln becomes only sitting president to win a NASCAR race while in office. He is shot hours later for unrelated reasons.

1900- "Racecar" granted palindrome status by Queen Victoria.

1950- Loop-de-loop added to course.

1950- Loop-de-loop retired.

1968- NASCAR, bending to pressure, allows cars to race. Donkeys continue to compete, alongside cars, but they lose almost every event. 

1970- 'Pedal' and 'metal' appear in the same sentence for the first time.

1991- Berlin Wall falls, finally allowing NASCAR to expand into the lucrative East German media market.

2016- NASCAR fans given incredible privilege of picking the president.

2018- Local police shut down Grand Prix after receiving noise complaints from neighbors.

2020 (planned)- Losers no longer sacrificed.

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Nate Odenkirk has not asked NASCAR for permission.