A to Z of Sports: Part One (A-M)


A is for ankle, the place you hurt most.

B is for Baseball, a sport loved by most.

If the alphabet is where ye seek your sports knowledge,
Listen up, champ, there’s 24 others to acknowledge.
Talk to your coach and they’ll probably tell you
“Don’t worry about winning, just try your best!”
But what matters is winning—it is your sole quest.
Without our website, sports trivia is a bore!
Take heed of our rhymes and you’ll surely win more.

C is for coach, your best friend and mentor,

And D is for dartboards, both game and d├ęcor
Darts are played by moms, dads, and grads alike
But careful, they’re pointy! Like sharp little spikes.

E is for emergency, real or fake
Convince the ref it was a mistake

F is for foul, what you get for pretending
The offense was real and worth suspending 

G is for games, played every day

H is for hat, also known as a cap
I is for intermission, great time for a nap
But don’t let them steal your shiny new sports hat!

J is for jousting, atop horses or cows,
And K has no rhymes, we’ll leave it for now.

L is for lozenge, they’ll make you feel better
Oh joy! We are almost on our last letter
Where were we, L? I’ve nearly lost track
Of where I am in the alphabet

I remember now! We’re at letter M
M is quite special, what is it you ask?
M is for monster trucks, the best sport
Present or past.

Now I’m taking a break
From writing these rhymes
But this will be finished
In due time.
13 more letters, what will I say?
More sports knowledge to come after today.

For part two, click here.

Nate Odenkirk has Rhymezone in his favorites.

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