Timeline: History of Sports in America

Happy America birthday! Happy birthday, America! This July fourth, we celebrate this great nation that has provided us with years of unrivaled sports entertainment. Did you know that sports have played a pivotal role in America's history? Well, it did. Below is a limited timeline highlighting just a few of the contributions sports have made on our history.

Flag with ball (above).

1770- Boston Tea Party erupts after ref makes a bad call at the Pats game.

1776- Unwilling to pay league dues, the 13 sports teams that exist at this point in American history ALSO secede from the British Empire.

1803- Napoleon loses the Final Fantasy draft to President Thomas Jefferson. As punishment, he is forced to wear a jester's hat for a week, and give up the Louisiana territory.

1812- Francis Scott Key nearly writes "Take Me Out to the Ball Game," but writes "The Star-Spangled Banner" instead.

1820- US government begins partnership with Dick's Sporting Goods.

1863- Civil War ends after Confederate army suffers decisive loss at Appomattox Stadium.

1930- The Great Depression makes attending baseball games prohibitively expensive for many. Meanwhile, "Twigball" reaches its height of popularity.

1963- Cuban Missile Crisis triggered after CIA intel suggested the USSR hid weighted baseballs inside hollowed out ICBMs.

1971- President Nixon breaks into the Watergate complex in an attempt to steal the Democrats' playbook for the upcoming Congressional softball game. He is impeached, but wins the game.

1985- US government ends its partnership with Dick's Sporting Goods.

2016- Golf resort owner elected president.

Nate Odenkirk is excited to get his fourth of July presents.

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