Day 1: Rock Paper Scissors Championships: Tournament Rules #RPSOrlando18

This week Outsider Sports Network is proud to be the only major sports news network covering the Rock, Paper, Scissors, World Championship held at the Ramada Inn in "beautiful" Orlando, Florida. Alongside tireless reporting, we'll bring you top-notch Rock Paper Scissors commentary from our OSN contributors. Click here to see more #RPSOrlando18 coverage.

A word from the tournament director:

My name is Dr. Thomas J. Kringle. I've been a rock paper scissors athlete for much of my adult life. After completing school (and getting my degree!) I began professionally competing in regional tournaments. This is my fourth rock paper scissors tournament as a tournament director, and I couldn't be more pleased to welcome you to "beautiful" Orlando, Florida for the 2018 world championships! Enclosed below you'll find the tournament rules & procedures and a tentative schedule. I hope you enjoy your time with us at the airport Ramada Inn. 

Dr. Thomas "Tiny Face" J. Kringle

The 2018 games begin today! Here is all info you need for the tournament:


1. ABSOLUTELY NO FARTING. Anyone found farting on premises will be asked to leave.

2. The three acceptable moves are Rock, Paper, or Scissors. Note: players may not combine these. You must choose one at a time.

3. You run, you're done.

4. The blue cans will be for recycling, and green bins for plant matter (or yard waste.)

5. In the case of a draw, both competitors are immediately disqualified. 

6. No spitting.

August 7th
  • 6am-9am: Mandatory breakfast ceremony. Cost of breakfast: $14
  • 9:01am-9:08am: Tournament director gives opening remarks, competitors registered. Cost of registration: $40
  • 9:08am-11:45am: Midmorning break. (mandatory)
  • 11:45am-12pm: Lunch (provided by Crazy Ray's Sub-wiches)
  • 12pm-11pm: Rounds 1-300.
  • 11pm-3am: Past winners honored, in memoriums, and debriefing (mandatory)
  • 3am: Bedtime story read. (optional)
August 8th
  • 5am-8am: Rock Paper Scissors workshops held. Workshops available:
    • Rock Paper Scissors 101
    • The Science behind RPS
    • Rock, Paper, Scissors, GOOSE? The unknown fourth play
    • RPS and Other Magic Tricks: Book signing and Q & A
    • Entourage 10th Anniversary Cast Reunion Panel
  • 8am-5pm: Competition continues.
  • 5pm: Final 16 bracket released, special OSN profiles of top 16 competitors will be published.
August 9th
  • Closed for mass.
August 10th
  • 10pm: Final round in the Ramada Inn "Banana Leaf" Conference Room.
    • 1st place: $25 Radioshack gift card.
    • 2nd place: No reward.
      • Competitors must leave ASAP to make room for the coin flip grand championship round.
Good luck!

Nate Odenkirk did not qualify for this year's rock paper scissors tournament.

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