#RPS18 Tournament Update: Winners Announced

This week Outsider Sports Network is covering the  Rock, Paper, Scissors World Championship held at the Ramada Inn in Orlando, Florida. Click here to see the other #RPSOrlando18 coverage. Click here to see the bracket.

WOW, what a tournament! After days of grueling competition, OSN congratulates local homeless man Spud Kemp and Rocky "The Stone" Schwartz from Topeka, Alabama for sharing the title of 2018 champion! The final round took place in the Banana Leaf Conference Room in the airport Ramada Inn just past 3am. Both competitors were declared the winner after they tied for the hundredth time. Both competitors relied heavily on rock, choosing it in each of the 100 rounds (click here for the play-by-play). It was an incredibly exciting end to the exhausting two weeks of competition. Kemp and Schwartz will each receive half of a $25 Radioshack™ gift card and will both be flown to Buckingham Palace to be knighted by her majesty and 1952 RPS champion Queen Elizabeth II. (OSN was previously unaware of the knighthood prize, but at the end of the day it's not like knighthood will buy you an RC boat). We'd like to thank Dr. Thomas "Tiny Face" J. Kringle for his excellent management and wish him all the best in his upcoming trial. And props to the airport Ramada Inn in "beautiful" Orlando for being such gracious hosts.



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