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OSN endeavors to provide top quality sports commentary and news from reputable uninformed sources. For years, "establishment" sports networks like ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESP-EN-ESPAƑOL, and ABC Sports have ignored the vast majority of Americans who don't really know or care about sports. A vocal minority of "sports fans" has hijacked the enjoyment of sports for the average apathetic American. No more! It is our pledge to you that OSN's commentators know nothing about sports. We don't pretend to be a part of the elite sports media. OSN is dedicated to bringing you misplaced, uninformed, and poorly-edited sports journalism around the clock.


-90% of Americans have never held a hockey stick in their life, nor do they want to.
-1 in 3 stadium attendees admit to covering their eyes for at least half of the game.
-When prompted, most Americans will answer the question, "do you NOT watch sports?"

The message is clear: it is time to move sports journalism into the 21st century. OSN is the premier network for people who don't watch sports. Finally, a sports network for the rest of us.

Awards and distinctions:

Named 'Best Sports News Site' by Outsider Sports Network Rankings, 2018
Nominated for 'Best Journalism' at OSN Awardees, 2018

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